The T-64 was a russian MBT (the first ever tank to be officially classified as one), and pioneered many technologies. it was the first armored vehicle to use composite armor, an essencial to today's MBT. It entered service in 1964, and is in service with some armies today (however, most of those aquired them not directly from russia, for it didnt let them in the international market). In 1976, it would come to be the first tank to fire a ATGM, a task accomplished by its autoloader, also the first in service. Although it was so ahead of its time, it had many problems (and is considered a failed design by many), such as engineering complexity, which resulted in breakdowns.

Given its use of composite armor, the T-64's armor goes up to 599mm in some places. It used a 125mm smoothbore gun, a calbre used in russian MBTs up to today. Its contribuition to the improvement of the concept of main battle tank was undeniable, and many of its technologies were implemented on the more modern T-80 MBT.


Specs Edit

Country of Origin: Soviet Union

In Service: 1964-today

Armament: 1 125mm smoothbore gun, 1 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and 1 12.7mm AA machine gun.

Armor (no ERA): 599-16mm

Engine: depends on version, 1000 or 700 HP engine

Speed: 45-60km/h (depends on version)

Number Built: around 13.000