A modernized T-62 (T-62M)

The T-62 was a further development of the T-55, partly replacing it in the soviet army. It was produced in the soviet union from 1961 to 1975, and elsewhere up to the 1980s. Its gun was the first smoothbore gun ever to see service. It is still in service with some armies today, in modernized versions. It used a 581 HP engine, that propelled it up to 50km/hour. It had up to 212mm of armor excluding ERA. It was a very good tank for its time, mainly because of its smoothbore gun. It is essencially a slightly larger T-55 with a larger, yet reasonably different, turret to accomodate the new smoothbore gun. The use of sloped armor is clearly visible, and greatly improves the tank's survivability. It was greatly sucessful in the international market.

Specs Edit

country of origin: soviet union

service time: 1961-today

Armament: 1 115mm smoothbore gun, 1 7.62mm machine gun, 1 12.7mm machine gun

Armor (no ERA): 212-20mm

Number Built: 22,700+

Engine: 581HP diesel engine

Speed: 50km/hour

An israeli T-62