M47 Patton Tank


M46 Patton Medium Tank


M60 Main Battle tank


M60 A2 Main battle tank. Wasn't taken into service.


M48 Milan battle tank

.The patton series of tanks consists of 4 tank models, ranging from the M46-48 to the M60. It was US's design to replace the aging M26 medium (in WWII specifications, heavy) tanks. The Ms 46-48 were based around the almost same design and concept, with up to 100-120mm of armor (100 for Ms 46 and 47, 120 for the M48), and armed with a 90mm gun. They were quite innovative for their time, able to stand up against the T-54/55 it was design to counter.

The M60 was a design that appeared later on the cold war, and was not an exact development of the earlier patton series, but rather a product-improved descendant of it. it was almost completely different, mounting a new 105mm rifled tank gun, having up to 155mm of armor (with no ERA) and a new, much stronger, engine. It was deeply modernized and very well-accepted in the international market (despite its irreversible design flaws, such as its very high profile) and is in service with many armies around the world today.

Models Edit

M46: the basic and first verison of the patton series, considered a medium tank. Very similar in appearence with the previous M26.

M47: a modernized M46, with most of the differences being in the fire control systems and the slightly redesigned turret.

M48: the final version of the early patton series, widely used in combat and active in armies around the world up to today. Not much different from the M47.

M60: the beginning of an almost entirely new series of designs, that have been modernized to fit today-quality. Armed with the american version of the british L7 105mm rifled tank gun.

M60 A2: it was an modified M60, given a new turret and mounted an 152mm gun and was able to shoot missiles. Not in service for long