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A Panther Tank

The Panzer V "Panther" Medium tank was a German Medium tank used during the Second World War. It was first built between the dates of 1943 and 1944. It was the first German tank to have sloped armor. It was the German's response to the Russian T-34 medium tank.

The tank was armed with a high velocity 75mm gun. It had a fair bit of armor. Many Allied tanks had a very bad time dealing with it for it's sloped armor. The tank saw action on all fronts.

The Panther saw service with the French armored forces after the war. The tank is credited for being the best tank during the war.


Medium tank

  • Place of origin:Nazi Germany
  • In service:1943–1945 (Nazi Germany)
  • Number built:about 6,000[1]
  • Weight:44.8 tonnes
  • Length:6.87 m (22 ft 6 in)

8.66 metres (28 ft 5 in) gun forward[2]

  • Width:3.27 m (10 ft 9 in)[2]

3.42 m (11 ft 3 in) with skirts

  • Height:2.99 m (9 ft 10 in)
  • Crew:5
  • Armor:15–120 mm (0.59–4.72 in)
  • armament:1 × 7.5 cm KwK 42 L/70

79 rounds 2 × 7.92 mm Maschinengewehr 34 5,100 rounds

  • Engine:700 HP engine
  • range:250 km (160 mi)
  • Speed:55 km/h (34 mph) (first models), 46 km/h (29 mph) (later models)