A king tiger with a Porche prototype turret

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A king tiger with a Hechel Turret

The King Tiger was a German Heavy Tank used during the Second World War. It was one of the heaviest tank/biggest (except the two Muas prototype) to be actually produced and built in large number. The King Tiger was first produced in 1944 and combined the tiger I's thick Armor and the Panther's angled armor to make a monster of a tank.

It was given a better 88mm gun, thicker armor, but it had the same engine as the Panther tank for some stupid reason (most likely they didn't have any other engine they could give it for the allies were bombing them like nobody's business) but for it had the same engine it was under powered, and went pretty slow.

Many broke down due to mechanical problems, but it was one of the most feared German tanks that were built in numbers that fought the allied forces. Like the Tiger I the allies had basically NO gun that could destroy it, only the largest could do anything to it. About 1500 were ordered, but only 492 were built due to allied bombing.


  • Country of Origin: Nazi Germany
  • Service time: 1944-45
  • Armament: 1x 88mm gun, 2 or 3x 7.92mm machine guns
  • Armor:25-185mm
  • number Built: 492
  • Engine: 700 hp Diesel engine.
  • Speed: 24.8 MPH