The Panzer VI is a German tank used during the Second World War, it was also called the "Tiger". It was developed in the mid 1930s but was built in 1943. It was armed with an 88mm gun, and had a butt ton of armor. It could go up to 20 some miles per hour. The Tiger was first in action in Africa when it destroyed all in it path. Of the time the allies had NO guns that could penetrate the Tiger's thick hide.

But it was found out that the British 17 plunder could penetrate them, as well as the Russian 85mm gun (which was mounted on later models of the T-34). The British 17 plunder was attempted to be put on several tanks, but particle all failed, but one tank was able to hold it, the American built Sherman tank, it was known as the Firefly.

By the end of the war there was multiple guns with tanks mounting them that could pen the tiger. The tanks at the end of the war the only two tanks that could be hardly penetrated (the Tiger II, and the Panther).

The Porche company also built a tiger tank, this tank competed with the Henchel design. Porche put an gasoline electric hybrids engine (and engine consent WAY ahead of it's time), but for that reason it was prone to burst into flames (the engine) or viper stuck in the mud easily.

Porche's tiger tank prototype. The Tiger 1 (P)


  • Country of Origin: Nazi Germany
  • In service: 1942-45
  • Armament: 2x 7.92mm machine guns
  • Armor: 25/120mm
  • Engine:690 hp engine
  • Speed:28.2 mph
  • number built: 1,347

    A tiger 1