*Entered Servise:1916 *Crew:8 *Weight:28 tones *Dimensions:Length-32.6ft,Hight (over hatch)-7.11ft, width-13.9ft *Armament:Main-2x 6pdr (57mm) guns, Secomdary-7.7mm machine guns *Armor: Maximun-12mm *Powerplant:150hp petrol engine *Speed:3.7mph *Range:22miles

Type 3 1916 MK1 tank

Mark 1 Tank

PG Looks like a Brit Mk1 Captured by Germany

German captured Mark 1 tank

       Evan while "littile Willie" was being built, Tritton and Wilson were working on a new design, which had a much longer track length in oordor to improve the cross-country performance and to be sure to make the requirment to cross a five foot wide trench and to climb a four foot high step. It had been worked one that this could be achieved by a whell six feet wide, so the length of the track on the ground and its shape had to be the same as the lower curve of a wheel of that size. It was desided to mount the tanks main armament (ex-naval 6pdr guns) in side suponsons. During her life "Mother" -despite her Male armamment (Female were amred with only machime guns).

Building the first 100 Mark 1 tanks begane in 1916. They were called "tanks" for secuirty reasons, in ordor ot disguise their true perpose. Half of the first 100 tanks built were Male Tanks armed with 6pdr guns, the rest were Females armed only with machine guns. It was not till the very first tank vs tank battle did they see the danger of having tanks with guns unable to penitrate other tanks. And than so the first hemaphrodite tanksnwith one 6pdr gun and one dual maxhine gun sponson were introduced. The Mark was able to be reconized by the tail wheels that were used to assist in steering, the un shortend ex-naval 6pdr guns, and the anti gernade "roof" that was mad of chicken wire.