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IS-4 Heavy Tank

IS-6 Pic-2

Two IS-6 Heavy Tanks

Is7 1244108885

IS-7 Super Heavy Tank


IS-3 Heavy Tank

IS Tanks were a series of Russian heavy tanks. The tanks were named after the leader of the Societ Russia of the time (Josef Stalin). The first tank of the series was built in 1943 and was called the IS-1. The IS tank are the succesors of the KV tank series. The last of the IS tanks was the IS-10 but was called the T-10 cause of the death of stalin, and a turn of polititians.


IS-1: First production model. Built to combat the German Panther and Tiger tanks. Armed with an 85mm gun and more than 90mm of armor.

IS-2: Looks very similar to the IS-1 but has a modifyed turret to mount a bigger 122mm gun.

IS-3: the IS-3 had a better armor layout than the IS-2 and a diffrent turret (looks like a over turned soup bowl like a lot of post world war two tanks)

The IS-4 was suppose to be the succeder of the IS-3 but was short lived. It had a longer chassis and a diffrent turret.

IS-6: Basiclt a IS-2 but with an electric transmition system.

IS-7: A super heavy tank weighing around 68 metric tones and armed with a 130mm fun with a monster amount of armor. Not taken

IS-10: Aslo called the IS-8/9 but was called the T-10 after the death of stalin. The diffrence between this tank and the IS-3 is a bigger turret, longer chassis, and a better 122mm gun.