Designed by Louis Renualt, with the support of the irreprresible General Estienne, the Char Mitrailleuse. The FT-17 was a remarkable little tank,.a true milestone in tank design which lasted right up to the out brake of world war two, and was adapted and produced by many other countries all over the world.

A ver large number of FT-17s were built in seven diffrent models, including a cast turret. One unique aspect was a folly revolving turret- the first tank in the world to have such a feature. Ig was armed with a 8mm machine gun, this little two man tank wheighed just over 6 tones, it was powered by 35hp engineand had vertical coil suspansion. Later the 8mm gun was replaced by a better 7.5mm gun. The Renualt factories received an or or of 150 FTs in march of 1917, and was first seen in combat May 31, 1918. One model of the tank was armed with a short 37mm gun.


  • Entered Servise: 1917
  • Crew: 2
  • Weight: 6.5 tones
  • Dimensions: Length- 13.5ft, Hight- 7ft, width- 5.7ft
  • Armament: 1x 8mm gun or 37mm gun
  • Armor: Max- 22mm
  • Powerplant: 35hp Engine
  • Speed: 4.8mph
  • Range:21.7 miles